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Your Appointment

Appointments are on a one to one basis so you will be the only bride having their appointment at that time. 

What to expect at your Galloway Bridal Appointment

Who to bring with you?

This can be a hard one as you may feel that you must invite everyone to help you find your dress. An ideal number of guests to bring is two. Invite the ones who you know will give their honest opinion. The more people you bring the more opinions you will have. Obviously the most important one is yours, however. Your dress has to be one hundred percent right for you.

What do I wear to my appointment?

Easy – wear something comfortable that you can slip off easily.

Let’s talk underwear?

Don’t worry you won’t be the first to ask about what to wear. As a rule, I always say wear what you feel comfortable in. If you can wear nude/light coloured underwear and if possible, a strapless bra. Absolutely no need to rush out and buy a new bra and new breeks (pants). Unless you want to treat yourself. Just don’t tell your fiancé I suggested it.


If you have pair of shoes or you have a pair that you like the style/height of please bring them with you. However, they aren’t an essential at your appointment. I have some that you are welcome to try with your dress. The most important thing right now is your dress. Accessories follow.


I would suggest that children under the age of 14 do not attend appointments. Don’t get me wrong I love kids, I have two of my own, however over the years I have found that the bride can relax and enjoy her experience far better without having to worry about their little ones. It is hoped that your experience of finding your wedding dress will be nothing short amazing! You will have a far more relaxed and enjoyable experience child free.

Finding Your Dress!

With over 200 dresses instore you may wonder how on earth you will be able to find YOUR dress. Don’t panic! That’s what I am here for. You could say I am your Fairy Godmother with a good six sense on what style you most probably will suit. Please feel free to send me any pics you might have of dresses you like before your appointment. There is no limit to the number of dresses that you can try on but once you start trying on you will get a better idea of what you like and don’t like.

Paying for Your Dress

When you find your dress, you will have the option to pay for it in full and take it away with you that day or there is the option to pay a deposit and pay in monthly instalments. Your dress cannot be taken until payment is received in full. Payments can be made in cash, card or bank transfer.

Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you are running late, it happens from time to time, please let me know. On average appointments take around 2 hours. Believe me time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Appointments are by appointment only.  Please complete the form below to book your appointment.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail/text and be asked to give some details about yourself and your wedding.